Monday, December 18, 2006

Merry Christmas from Neville

Neville likes abandoned buildings. So do I.


futuregirl said...

Oh! So you are Michelle's other friend with a stuffed animal named Neville!

Blaize said...

NevILLE! NevILLE! I am glad you have a Neville. Nevilles are great. I had a, um, "vision" the other night about a whole land or perhaps planet inhabited by Nevilles. They make their little houses out of adobe and straw, and eat nuts and leaves and berries and grubs, and climb, and maybe (I am in negotiations with my boyfriend about this; he is proving sceptical) they have little dirgibles they can fly around in. The reason the boyfriend has any say in Nevilleland, or, perhaps, Planet Neville, is because he makes the PERFECT Neville noise, and I can't.

Neville is popular, and has travelled to New York, L.A., San Francisco, Oregon, and Mexico. I have photos, which I hope to make into a little book next summer. My Neville likes Rauschenberg and Vuillard, but thinks Picasso is overrated. Becky said her favorite part about my Neville is his mouth area. Since he has no apparent mouth.

I am SO glad that you have a Neville, too.

futuregirl said...

Nevilles are wonderful, there is no doubt. Most nights I cuddle him as I sleep. Occasionally Andrew will pose him doing things and discover these little tableaux when I get home from work. The other day Neville was sitting up on my pillow with his legs tucked under the blankets reading a book. Another day, he had my underpants on his head. He's quite a ham.

I vote for dirigibles! Perhaps we need a proof-of-concept to win your boyfriend over. :)