Monday, March 19, 2007

Supersaturated Abandoned Weinerschnitzel

I've been enjoying messing with supersaturation, just using Picasa, because it's so easy monkeys could use it. And I'm a monkey. So here, my friends, is the abandoned Weinerschnitzel. I didn't know they could BE abandoned. I thought that once they were done with doing their "business" they shot back off into space. You know, where they came from.

Oh, and the real reason I posted this is because I finally figured out how to associate my BLARG with my flickr stuff. It only took me a few months. That's fast, right?


Project Pink Suitcase said...

I love your supersaturated abandoned Weinerschnitzel...
Sooo, cool!
Very modern art-like. Pop Art to be specific.
Which is one of my favorite subjects.

Blaize said...

Thank you very much. I also enjoy supersaturation in chemistry. Do you remember doing that experiment? Where you put more sugar than seems possible into a hot solution, but when it cools, if you tap it, crystals form. I liked that one.