Saturday, February 10, 2007

Spam Poem

I wrote a poem using the subject lines of junk email, culled from my junk filter.

It is a thing of beauty; hence, a joy forever.

Say Theyre Crueler Eggers

A buteo as prayerful
He matrimony of preposterous
Is minneapolis so nonchalant
Of so hangmen
A monotonous or robertson
it laugh
is decide
Is in relieve

go profound
My fermion at runnymede
My voluntarily maya retrogression
skinny bubble bath
placing unkind
varigated cough syrup

twisted alchemist
curmudgeonly alchemist
chic cab driver
psychotic pit viper
so-called dust bunny
alderman desire
unsightly food stamp

He concentrate or barbarian
My vestal or scavenge
her corridor
Are noon of castro

molten mating ritual
With an bauxite
his abandoned
Be deterring to fiction
To go marksman

Accepting your application
as ever

Can't be a lover anymore
Of of desuetude