Saturday, March 17, 2007


Linus the Octupus has come to live at my house. Linus is the first object I have received as a direct consequence of BLARGING. Or, rather, of commenting on other people's BLARGS. Maybe it doesn't quite count, because I know Bethany In Real Life, but I still got Linus because I commented on Bethany's blarg anniversary, and she drew my name from all the names of people who commented on that post.

Whatever the reason, Linus is now in residence, and has made friends with the other members of my Stuffed Toy Revolutionary Squad, which consists of Woolfrog and SubSubComandante Marcos (they're both from Chiapas, Mexico).

On a different note, since I tend to spend most of my days in various states of grubbiness, it's nice every once in awhile to dress up, though nothing can alleviate the wretched state of my fingernails. The red object hanging from my shower rod is a clothespin holder that I got from Becky and Brindon one time when they were selling stuff at the Antique Fair downtown. The dress was given to my by my friend Katja at a time in my life when I thought I would never ever look pretty ever again. The dress made me rethink that idea and, coupled with kind words from my mother, was a key component in ending a six-month-long "nervous breakdown" I had seven years ago. It is the best dress, in that it 1. never needs ironing, and 2. fits me whether I am weighing 172 pounds or 158 pounds. I think it's magic.


Green Kitchen said...

You look lovely. I'm glad you got Linuys. :)

Green Kitchen said...

I have to type blindly, hense the y.

Green Kitchen said...

One mistake after the other.

Blaize said...

When typing blindly, there are no mistakes.

futuregirl said...

Oh, he's such a freakin' cutie. Just like you!

That dress *is* awesome. Just like you!

You're the bestest.

chez shoes said...

I truly believe that dress *is* magic!