Sunday, January 25, 2009

Best Newly-Learned Word of 2009, Thus Far

I was reading about trying to identify the offending birds responsible for plane crashes and that one emergency water landing a week ago. The New York Times informs me that "a staff of four in the Feather Identification Lab took in samples from 4,600 bird-plane collisions, or bird strikes, last year. Arriving mostly in sealed plastic bags, these included birds’feet, whole feathers or tiny bits of down, and pulverized bird guts, known as snarge."


Although it showed up--correctly defined--in the urban dictionary in 2005, I'm not the only one who seems to have enjoyed its more-recent appearance in The New York Times. And how could I be? IT'S A GREAT WORD.


arlopop said...

I like the way it feels in my mouth and will find many uses this week.

Blaize said...

I'm so glad. Please report back on how you manage to work it in to conversations.

Tonia said...

It's kind of funny/sad. When I first heard that it was a "bird strike" my immediate concern was for the birds not really a thought for the humans. I am curious as to how they came up with "snarge." It has a faint piratical tone to it when I say it to myself. I will try to work it into concersation as well. The people I work with think I am strange already so this won't phase them. -tonia
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Blaize said...

It sounds totally pirate, you're right! Snarge! Snarge!