Monday, February 02, 2009

Not Good

So. Yesterday, I thought the smell might be, say, a mouse--cat slain and festering--under my shed. Today, that seemed impossible. So, I looked around. And then I saw two raccoon tails protruding from under my neighbor's trailer.

Pink rubber gloves, a respirator mask, quadruple garbage bags, and a neighbor to hold open the bags whilst the first one went in, and I had two full-grown dead raccoons ready to be picked up by Animal Services.

Why did they die right next to each other, as if in a suicide pact? Will Animal Services perform a necropsy so I will know whether someone is poisoning wildlife in my trailer park? How soon can I get the cats to the vet for their rabies shots?

And why, oh, why, was that NOT the grossest thing I've ever done?


futuregirl said...

Oh, god. I'm afraid to ask what the grossest thing is. Ugh.

Blaize said...

Well, there was a grossER thing, that involved a much-more-putrefied possum in a much-harder-to-reach location. But that may not have been the grossest, either.

j. wilson said...

goodness, how odd!

i once had the unfortunate opportunity to retrieve squirrel bits from under my brothers bed. at first i thought it was just one bit but alas, it was more. there was a lot of exclamations and whimpering but i did it. blech. my brother's cat was a collector.

Blaize said...

My little cat catches lizards and snakes, and doesn't hurt them, except sometimes the lizards shed their tails in a fit of pique. Just-shed lizard tails are icky.

You can call me Betty, or Bethany, or Beth ...Just don't call me late for dinner. said...

We had foul possum last year. And a Cat carcass in LA which was hard because I love the kitties.

They may have gotten something foraging that wasn't set out for them too. Like antifreeze.

Anonymous said...

When my father and his second wife were on their honeymoon, they asked me (age 15) to check on the house and water the lawn. I wasn't living there, so I had no reason to notice that the refrigerator had stopped--until, that is, it began to grow mold and smell absolutely appalling. My mom, to her everlasting credit, helped me clean it out. It had mold growing like long hair out of various containers. My mom and I are both people with strong stomachs, but afterward we went into the yard and puked. It was, bar none, the most disgusting thing I've ever had to do, and I've worked with animals and had a baby. No contest.