Monday, June 02, 2008


I know this is probably the wrong question to ask, but if the FLDS women are all "into" dressing "old-fashioned" * (as opposed in the 1950s when FLDS members dressed mostly like other people in their decade and area) why are the dresses the color of icky dinner mints? I don't think "icky dinner mint" was a dye color available to the pioneers. And why did Warren Jeffs require that the dresses be made of polyester, which as far as I am given to understand is not something that existed in the olden days. And is French-braided hair an article of the faith? Because I've never seen its like in any old photos of actual pioneers.

Oh, and in case you are actually interested, here is an explanation given by a former member.

* Read the comments on this article. Creepy.


Angelina said...

I am dying to have each and every one of those questions answered, and also this one: if the idea is to dress like "old fashioned" people did, why don't their dresses ever fit them? Pioneer women made dresses that fit them.

arlopop said...

I never could adequately describe the colors of those ensembles but "icky dinner mint" is perfect. Thank you.

maps said...

Interesting stuff. Why do you post so infrequently, old chap?

Blaize said...

I post infrequently because I am simultaneously indolent and fearful. So, if at any point I overcome my indolence enough to post, then I get all worked up that what I post will be dumb.

Anyway, I am planning to post again, tonight in fact. I hope to gain some impetus to post more frequently.

Ingrid said...

I have no idea why the color is "icky dinner mint," but I think I know why the dresses are polyester. It's so you don't have to iron them, a consideration if you live in a house with 25 small children who 1) need care and 2) can easily hurt themselves on an iron if you look away for a moment. I understand that the Amish are also big on polyester, demonstrating that we should not mistake "old fashioned" for "natural."