Thursday, May 03, 2007

Good Times

Good Times, originally uploaded by St. Blaize.

So, this appeared in the "Best of" issue of one of the local weekly rags. The news editor, for fairly obscure reasons, decided I needed to be in the issue. It's funny because there are so many interesting tour guides in this town, but since they are all affiliated with museums, colleges, state parks, etc., I guess I'm the only "independent" docent in town. Hence, the BEST.

Since I had misplaced my notes for the Beach Hill tour, I had to re-research and recreate the tour. I was worried that too many people would come, since the first time I advertised a tour publicly 114 people (That's right. One hundred fourteen.) showed up. Evidently Super-Secret Staircase Tours were an "unmet need." Who knew? I made 60 copies of my handout, just in case. But I need not have worried; only people from Free Skool showed up. Proof that no one reads the local weekly rags?

Anyway, there were 20 participants or so, the tour went well, and I didn't feel like crap for 2 hours afterwards like I usually do. The newspaper thing is flattering, and I will say that it was the largest picture I have ever seen of someone I actually know.


futuregirl said...

You are such a Cutie McCutenstein! I can't imagine being accosted by 114 people. That musta been quite a scene. :)

Blaize said...

That's Cutie McCutenSON. Bwahahahaha. Yes, and the 114 were quite a scene. I only knew how many there were because my mom counted for me. We looked like a protest march or a movement of some kind.

Becky said...

A staircase movement. An escalator?

Blaize said...


Project Pink Suitcase said...

Very cool!

Angelina said...

This is a fantastic picture. Absolutely could have come from one of my old Redbooks or from one of my old Vogues.

I would like to take the staircase tour! If I ever come to visit Bitter Betty I think I'll have to do it.